European and Sports Cars

1973 Triumph Stag

1973 Triump Stag Restoration Story

Yet another client who wanted a car that reminded them of their childhood.  The client purchased this particular car for its low miles and rust free condition.  Our job on this vehicle was mostly a cosmetic restoration.  A bare metal respray was done in the factory-correct burgundy.  Factory pin striping was done as well as a refinish of the factory wheels.  What a cool little car that you just never see on the road!

Datsun 240Z

1972 240Z Restoration Story

Gregg always liked the Z cars.  In his teens he had Z car and was a member of the Houston Z Club.  Now he is back with a car that might put fear into the other members of the Z Club! This car is all about correctness.  The majority of the parts are in fact NOS (new old stock) and the rest original to the caritself. This includes the body which retains all its original panel work! It is now considered one of the nicest restored Z cars in the country.

1972 BMW 3.0CS

1972 BMW 3.0 CS Restoration Story

A Texas car all its life, this car suffered from many Band-Aid fixes over the years.  It was time for a complete restoration - and what an undertaking it was!  With the car stripped to metal, it revealed the need for much of the sheet metal to be patched or replaced. This included the trunk and the floor boards.  With all the metal and body work finished, the car was put back to her factory Agave Green paint.  All of the interior was done in a beautiful factory-color tan leather.  There is just something about the color combination on this car that is just breathtaking.  The car was later sold for a price above the level of a number-one car sometime after our work was complete. This is an honor for us as it shows other people can see the value in our restoration service as well!

1969 Jaguar E Type

1969 Jaguar E-Type Restoration Story

This may be the most rust free Jag that we have encountered. Unlike many of our restoration projects, this is one that we did not repaint!  The problem with this jag was that she had sat without being started or any attention for decades.   All of our hand work can be seen in the engine-bay detailing and paint work under the hood.  With all of the mechanicals of the vehicle restored, this car is truly a driver’s car!