1967 Chevy Camaro

1967 Camaro Restoration Story

The client has had this particular Camaro in his collection of cars for some time.  It came in as a driver and no one could see what horror hid under the surface!  What we found was no less than 3 pairs of quarter panels stacked and welded on top of each other and a dash half of fiberglass. All in all, 95 percent of the sheet metal was replaced during the restoration process.  Though the decision was made to go back with the factory paint color, other changes were elected that customized the build to suit the client’s taste.  Vintage air was added for comfort.  The engine was replaced with a new ZZ5 crate engine with a serpentine drive system. The audio system was updated to a combination of Focal and Moscani gear that is operated from the owner’s smartphone.  The suspension is now Global West and makes the car capable of driving on today’s crazy roads!  From a car with no sheet metal left to a work of art, this is our kind of project.

1973 Triumph Stag

1973 Triump Stag Restoration Story

Yet another client who wanted a car that reminded them of their childhood.  The client purchased this particular car for its low miles and rust free condition.  Our job on this vehicle was mostly a cosmetic restoration.  A bare metal respray was done in the factory-correct burgundy.  Factory pin striping was done as well as a refinish of the factory wheels.  What a cool little car that you just never see on the road!

1978 Ford Bronco

1978 Ford Bronco Restoration Story

Mr. Barnes needed the perfect vehicle to drive to the ranch! That’s what the owner had envisioned for this full-size bronco.  This truck was wrecked before she came into the shop, so a fair amount of sheet metal work had to be done to bring her up to speed and start a complete restoration.  This vehicle has been customized very tastefully during the whole restoration process.  A custom soft top was made and a sturdy roll bar placed inside for safety for the whole family. Dakota digital VHX instruments were added inside for a better readout.  The engine was upgraded from the stock HP rating to an awesome 380 HP on the dyno! A 5 speed manual transmission controls all that power.   This truck does as well on the highway as it does offroad and cruises the freeway beautifully. Another satisfied customer.

1930 Packard

1930 Packard Interior Restoration

Always great to be able to help another shop with some aspect of their restoration. Our concentration on this job was a complete handstitched interior. We were given some patterns and basic parameters. Wool broadcloth and wool carpet were used throughout the interior restoration to give it the proper look. The pull handles were hand woven and replicated with a factory-appearing gold thread.  A beautiful interior to match an expertly restored car.

Datsun 240Z

1972 240Z Restoration Story

Gregg always liked the Z cars.  In his teens he had Z car and was a member of the Houston Z Club.  Now he is back with a car that might put fear into the other members of the Z Club! This car is all about correctness.  The majority of the parts are in fact NOS (new old stock) and the rest original to the caritself. This includes the body which retains all its original panel work! It is now considered one of the nicest restored Z cars in the country.

1962 Thunderbird

Jeff Pate listens to his clients and understands how to restore a classic car to the standards established by his clients and within his clients’ defined budget.
— Michael Neumann

1962 M-Code T-Bird Restoration Story

This was not a bad car, reasonably well maintained and a 20 footer (nice looking from twenty feet away).  But for the owner, it lacked the "pop" and show car look that he was after.  Everything on the bottom of the car had already been replaced, so our job on the bottom was pretty easy.  All we had to do was change the exhaust to factory style and put a new fuel tank in; the rest was already done.  Now, for the outside this required a complete strip down to metal and repaint in factory-Ford black.  This also required pulling the engine for a good job in the engine bay.  All of the trim was sent out to Speed and Sport Plating to get polished, plated and straightened.

1956 Thunderbird

1956 Thunderbird Restoration Story

The owner of this car spent years looking for the proper candidate for a restoration. Along with the car, he managed to procure almost every wearable item for the car in New Old Stock from various Ford dealerships around the country over many years.  So to say that it is factory correct doesn’t do it justice! The car was even restored using factory style Nitro-cellulous lacquer paint.  This car has the look and feel of a factory fresh car.  It has been very well received at shows and is lightly driven.

1959 Caddy for St. Arnolds Brewery

1959 Cadillac Restoration for St. Arnold's Brewery

An interesting build for an interesting customer!  Our focus on this job was pure functionality.  All of the bottom end of the car was completely rebuilt along with the original 390 engine.   A stereo was added for the owner that he can control via Bluetooth.  Other than stereo and an upgraded radio she is a basic functional restoration. On the outside however… that is a completely different story.

1959 Impala

1959 Impala Restoration Story

59 Impalas are one of those cars that just lend themselves to being customized.  This car was refinished inside and out in white per the customer’s orders.  More of an update than a complete restoration, she also received Dakota Digital gauges while she was here.  Shortly after receiving the car, the owner drove himself and his new bride away from their wedding in it!

1949 Chevy Truck

1949 Chevy Truck Restomod Story

This custom truck came as a roller to CCH from another shop as a painted shell on an aftermarket frame. We added a new LS1 hooked to a 4l160e transmission and ford 9 rear end. She sits on Custom billet smoothie-style wheels with big radial white walls.

Take a look at the unique fabrication that this project showcases.  Among these customized pieces are headers, stainless exhaust, cold air intake, rack and pinion, custom aluminum radiator, transmission cooler and much, much more.

  • adjustable shocks
  • fully custom interior by M & M Hot Rod interiors
  • full custom console in aluminum fabricated on the english wheel
  • one off audio system featuring focal loud speakers

1929 Model A

1929 Model A Truck Restoration Story

This was a complete closed cab pickup project that needed a total restoration!  We started with a complete dis-assembly and ended up acid dipping everything!

Everything on this truck went back to period correct, no hotrod here.  The one exception is an upgrade to a high compression on the 4 cylinder engine.  Other than that, a complete stock appearing truck down to her mechanical brakes.

1972 BMW 3.0CS

1972 BMW 3.0 CS Restoration Story

A Texas car all its life, this car suffered from many Band-Aid fixes over the years.  It was time for a complete restoration - and what an undertaking it was!  With the car stripped to metal, it revealed the need for much of the sheet metal to be patched or replaced. This included the trunk and the floor boards.  With all the metal and body work finished, the car was put back to her factory Agave Green paint.  All of the interior was done in a beautiful factory-color tan leather.  There is just something about the color combination on this car that is just breathtaking.  The car was later sold for a price above the level of a number-one car sometime after our work was complete. This is an honor for us as it shows other people can see the value in our restoration service as well!